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About the Default Website

Welcome to your Alentus default website. This site is automatically created for every new domain or sub-domain. This site serves as a test of each new web domain, and also as a example of using the standard components that are available on our servers.

You may use the source code from this site as a starting point for creating your own pages, or you may remove these files entirely if you have a site ready to load. The following sections describe more about the test pages included with this site.

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ASP Scripting Support

This site supports ASP scripting. The ASP test script is an example of a simple ASP program. In this case, the script queries a few properties of the "Request.ServerVariables" object.

ASP is a powerful tool and can be used for many purposes. Typically, ASP is used for creating data driven websites, interactive forms and other features found on a dynamic website.

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ODBC Database Connections

Your website has been setup to include a default MS Access database file (.mdb). This file has special permissions assigned to it, and has been placed in the /database folder of your webspace.

To perform read and write operations on your database file, an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) has also been created. The Data Source Name has been provided to you in your Alentus Welcome Kit.

Note: While you may choose to upload your own Access database file (for which you can request a DSN), we strongly encourage you to use the default .mdb file and Data Source Name. To use the default database file, simply rename your own database to your Account Name (with the .mdb extension) and upload it to the /database folder, overwriting the file that is there.

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ASP Mail Component

ASPMail is a simple and easy to use COM component that allows you to send mail from a web page or from within a web application.

You can find full documentation and examples of how to use ASPMail in the Alentus Technical Support Center.

Click here to test ASP Mail

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